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WANdisco Subversion Installation Guide

Last Updated: (17/06/2010)


During the client-only installation you will be prompted for:


During the server installation you will be prompted for:

Subversion Server Configuration:

Host/Server name: This is the hostname of the server.
Host Port: This is the port that the Subversion Server should run on.
Install as a Windows service: This is a recommended option and will allow you to control the Subversion Server via the Server Control program listed in the "WANdisco Subversion > Server" start menu folder.
Password file (optional): You can optionally select a password (Apache HTTPD htpasswd format) file for authentication against the repository. If you do not specify a password file, the server will not be password protected.
Repository Directory: This directory should be the root directory to relative to where your Subversion repository's are kept on the file system. For example, I have three repositories located at:


The directory you should select at this option would be C:\repo\

Repository Location Prefix: This is the prefix on the URL for accessing your repositories via HTTP. For example:

I'm using the configuration mentioned in the repository directory option above for this example. I'm also using /svn as the repository location prefix.

To access:


You would go to:

Final install page

Start WANdisco Subversion Server: This option will start the Subversion Server if you chose to install as a Windows Service. If you chose not to install WANdisco as a system service, you can do so at a later date by running the following from the command line:

C:\Program Files\WANdisco\Subversion\Apache2\bin\httpd.exe -k "install" -n "WANdisco Subversion Server"

(if your installation directory differs, please adjust this command accordingly)

Set Windows PATH to include Subversion commands: This option is recommended and will allow you to use the binaries from the command line within any directory. More information about the Windows path variable
Install TortoiseSVN: TortoiseSVN is the most popular Subversion client for windows. More information about Tortoise SVN

Getting Help

To report bugs or to request a feature, email opensource@wandisco.com
This e-mail address should NOT be used for support requests, if you have a support contract with us, please raise a ticket.

If you need professional support with your Subversion implementation, we have a range of competitive support contracts available, see: http://wandisco.com/products/svn/support.php
For community help, visit our forums located at: http://subversion.wandisco.com